Cheyenne Mountain's Aaron Berkhoff takes in experience of All-Star game at Coors Field

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When the teams were announced for the Colorado High School All-Star/Futures Game at Coors Field, five players from the Colorado Springs area were named to the rosters.

Pine Creek saw three players selected for the Futures side - made up of sophomores and juniors - as sophomore pitcher Riley Cornelio and junior outfielders Zac Heisler and Jay Onken played alongside Cheyenne Mountain sophomore third baseman Aaron Berkhoff.

On the other side of the field, Lewis-Palmer third baseman Billy Cook was on the Seniors roster.

The game was set to come down to the wire in a pitching-dominated matchup, as the score was tied at 0 heading into the bottom of the seventh.

But Mother Nature had other plans.

The skies opened up in Denver, and the game was canceled in the bottom of the seventh with the final score 0-0. The timing of the rain was especially unfortunate for Cornelio, who was slated to pitch in the last inning That was upsetting for some of Cornelio's teammates, including Berkhoff.

"I was a little disappointed for my friend, Cornelio," Berkhoff said. "You can either hit and play in the field or pitch, and he didn't even get to do (either), so I kind of felt sorry for him. I got my one at-bat, so I was OK. But I did feel bad for my friend."

Though some of the players, like Cornelio, didn't get on the field, Berkhoff took advantage of his time on the diamond with a double.

It was one of the lone offensive bright spots for either team, unlike the past two years' matchups that ended with scores of 5-5 and 10-9, respectively. Berkhoff attributes the low scoring to the talent from both teams' pitchers.

"I think it was just good pitching," Berkhoff said. "I heard the guys talk about how the score last year was (5-5), so it just kind of flipped from good hitters to good pitching."

The score ultimately doesn't matter, though. Just 65 players from the state were given the honor of participating, and when it comes down to it, Berkhoff said, though he was surprised to have been picked for the team, he was grateful for the opportunity.

"It was just a cool experience," Berkhoff said. "I just tried to take in all I could, because I might not be going back next year. So I just tried to take in what I could, just have fun with my friends that I knew there, and get the experience of doing it."