Coronado becomes first high school around Colorado Springs to officially embrace Adidas

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Coronado High School became the first high school in the Colorado Springs area to officially embrace the three-stripe life, as a partnership between the school and athletic brand Adidas was reached this week.

Cougar basketball coach David Thomas couldn’t wait to share the news, tweeting “First school in Colorado Springs to be officially outfitted by @adidasUS @adidasHoops,” on Oct. 12.

“We’re really excited,” Thomas said. “Our new rep from adidas said we’re the first group in Colorado Springs.”

Coronado athletic director Jim Porter said last week that the deal would include discounted gear and signage for the school’s athletic teams, and Thomas added the teams might get to test different equipment before it’s available to the public in return for reviewing and possibly help improve the product. The discounts will be between 30-50 percent off.

Porter said the first evidence of the agreement could be seen by the basketball season but added it’s a roll-out phase.

“It will be a slow process that will take its course over a couple years,” Porter said.

Thomas said players will not be required to wear Adidas gear.

“We’re kids first,” he said. “If a kid feels more comfortable or they feel more stability in other (brands), that’s their choice.”

Porter said a recent FBI probe that uncovered an Adidas representative bribed a high school player to attend an Adidas-sponsored school did not cause him any concern.

“I think that’s more of an individual thing,” the Coronado athletic director said. “I would say if you look at anything close enough, there’s good people and bad people.”