Discovery Canyon students produce school-wide lip dub, featuring DCC activities, athletics, faculty and Thor

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It took five months and 500+ combined production hours for Discovery Canyon's Michael Jaworowski, Griffin Anderson and their team, Hammer Down Productions, to create a school-wide lip dub.

What is a lip dub?

A trend that is sweeping YouTube as people create music videos by lip synching and audio dubbing, usually traveling through rooms and groups of people singing along to a variety of songs.

Jaworowski and his team produced the 14-minute long video featuring various clubs, activities, athletics, faculty and staff from around Discovery Canyon High School, and takes viewers through "Thor's Day Off" - DCC's mascot - spoofing the 1986 movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".

Jaworowski was the director and producer of the project. The video was filmed and edited by Anderson. A production team of 9 students assisted Jaworowski and Griffin, along with a host of other members of the DCC community.

Watch the video here: